Original Music

Bass And Sound is an original group in addition to being a cover band. We are always working on creating original music that is new yet familiar for you to enjoy

Born in the Movies (1).jpg

NEW original release: “born in the movies”

How will I be remembered? “Born in the Movies” is a song about remembrance. Will my impact on anyone I encounter be noteworthy? Will any of my peers, lovers, telemarketers, or baristas remember me or my name? What will people recall of their time with me? Will I just be another “guy from last week”? Whether one is born in the movies, born in the towns, making a living, or just hanging around, we all play a part in our world. Will we be remembered or will the individuals we encounter lose us after some time to the informational over-stimulation of our current world? The thoughtful theme is accompanied by an equally reflective composition. The beat moves you along the narrative, the melodies provide visual feedback, and the ambiance gives you a place to rest in as you contemplate remembrance.

“Born in the Movies” is a single to be remembered, so take it home, take it to heart, and sing along with us.


Original Song: "with those eyes"

A modern retro take on an upbeat love song. Musical concept by Stephen Chamot & Casey Cole. Lyrics by Casey Cole


Original Song: "How Do I Look?"

A song about one of the most common questions in human history: "How do I look?"


Original Song: "Bass And Sound"

This song shares the name with the band. It is an upbeat yet chill song invoking movement while being comforting